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That open acceptance helped me make all manner of new friends, including:. Jim -- An American film editor determined to pick up a language in between contracts. Marianna -- A vivacious, gorgeous, curly haired Russian Italian who refused to wait in any line ever. Hannah -- An adventurous Canadian who'd eventually convince me to scramble down an off-limits cliff in Marseilles because we'd heard the waters were crystalline blue they were, and they were freezing. Felippa -- A smiley Swede who shockingly explained that Ikea product names actually have real meanings and who would become my roommate in a much bigger and nicer flat.

A young German couple who'd just had a baby and who were spending their year of parental leave hopping around Europe. Plus a gaggle of young dance-loving Singaporeans on exchange, a party-hardy group of Italian nuclear scientists sponsored by their company, and a rowdy group of Spaniards. We'd spent so many days on the beach, we once foolishly tried spending the night on one.

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We were frozen by midnight and fled home at 4 a. A bunch of us would spend our afternoons biking out to the beach in a town nearby. I'd found a massive red checkered sheet on our apartment's clothesline and we'd sprawl out on the sand while everyone turned out offerings of cheese, sliced meats, chips, fruits and baguettes.

The Spaniards had a car, they smoked like a coal factory, and they soon taught us a card game they insisted was called "Merde! We sadly mostly fell into speaking the more mutually understood English. Try as we might, French all day was simply exhausting. Eventually, though, I did get the accent down straight. That's all thanks to a lot of fruit and a questionable pick up line.

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After a few weeks, I realized if I wanted to stay in Montpellier for a long time I'd need a job. The euro was nearly double the value of the dollar then and my savings were dwindling fast. Businesses were loath to take on news part-time employees because once they had you, they were stuck with you because of labor laws.

At this organized social event, we learned how to make crepes and a local favorite - bread with goat cheese, honey and herbs de provence. Events cost extra, and the euro's value was double the dollar then. The Russian Italian convinced me to try working for an Irish bar in town by pretending that my first name, Channon, gave me some Irish cred with the owner. That failed as soon as he realized I was African American. Instead, he offered me about 15 hours per week making frozen juice at his new Jus Plus store in the mall.


It was a new concept in France, then, and I suppose I looked like I could handle a blender. I easily learned the frozen mixes, mostly based in apple juice, and quickly blended them together before calling out the drink orders to guests. Customers stared back at me dumbfounded and I didn't know why. My dear coworkers Stella and Charles helped me to realize that a hard American "r" doesn't really work in French. I quickly learned to make the correct and softer sound using the middle of my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I describe it as a mix between: a soft g, w, and que. It worked! Stella also kindly forced me to speak French. Charles was a musician and he loved to explain all the rights I then had as a worker and all the great ways young people were starting revolutions. Le mec et la petite amie the guy and the girlfriend.

I've been told French relationships can become serious rather quickly, which is completely at odds with what I'd assumed about French promiscuity. French people do indeed drink lots of wine and eat lots of bread and cheese.

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But they also guzzle down cheap beer and stock up on tinned meats, packaged toasts, bags of processed cookies and cartons of highly processed milk. Maybe it was the French accent? Maybe it was the tennis instructor body? I was immediately in like.

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  • We had one date. He kept texting me and after a few weeks he referred to me as his "petit amie'" I quickly learned relationships can really form that easily in France.

    Tuition rates in public institutions

    He knew not much more English than he'd used to pick me up, so our relationship was mostly about what you think it was mostly about. One day he did manage to scrounge some cash for gas and we went out to the beach, swimming out as the waters turned choppy and filled my nose with salt. My days were all free and clear and sunny, until I suddenly couldn't breathe. The French way -- No bills, no laws, no worries! The difference is that in France the government assumes a large share of that cost. The French government will continue to pay most of the cost of your degree programme in a public institution of higher education.

    These are:. You will be required to pay differentiated registration fees if:. The state will thus cover two thirds of the cost of your training. The total registration fee that you will be required to pay will be:. Non-EU doctoral students are not subject to new differentiated tuition fees. Non-EU students who have been granted full or partial exemption from tuition fees by their host institution in France or by the French embassy in their home country.

    In all of them, a large part of the real cost of education is subsidized by the state. And all of them are covered by the new system of differentiated tuition.

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    We urge you to check the official government list to verify whether your institution is covered by the tuition system. Check the website of the institution to learn the amount of tuition charged for programmes of interest to you. Central in this artery and therefore located at the heart of the building, are the main public facilities shared between the three institutions: the auditorium and meeting rooms.

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    These important public spaces form the primary central volume of the grand cantilevering canopy above the entrance. Zaha Hadid Architects.

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