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How expensive is Mazatlan? How much money do I need for Mazatlan? Accommodation 1 Hotel or hostel for one person. Accommodation 1 Typical double-occupancy room. Location Mazatlan. Check In Date. Check Out Date. Food 2 Meals for one day. Transportation Budget in Mazatlan Average Daily Costs Calculated from travelers like you The cost of a taxi ride in Mazatlan is significantly more than public transportation. Transportation 1 Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.

15 Best Things to Do in Mazatlán (Mexico)

Entertainment 1 Entrance tickets, shows, etc. Alcohol 2 Drinks for one day. The city has a population of almost ,, making it the second largest city in the state. It is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and resort hotels. Most people head to Mazatlan specifically for its beaches, but the city itself is somewhat large and diverse with many different cultures and ethnicities represented.

Hidden Gems of Mazatlan

Many foreigners come here not only to vacation, but also to retire. You'll meet people from all over Europe, as well as Canada and the United States. Mazatlan's climate is dry, wet tropical. There is a distinct dry season between the months of December and June. Summer months are prone to high humidity, making the temperatures feel significantly higher than they actually are. Summer highs are typically in the low 90s Fahrenheit and winter highs are in the high 70s Fahrenheit.

Sights Centro Historico is the city's old town, and is not to be missed during a visit to Mazatlan.

2. Plaza Machado

It's easy to organize a tour of the area, but self guided tours are just a fun. There are many sights spread throughout the town. Mazatlan's lighthouse is the highest natural lighthouse in the world and offers wonderful views. You can find it by following the signs around town that say "Faro". If you've heard of the cliff divers in Acapulco, you'll find something comparable here, although they dive from a lower height into shallower water.

It's still entertaining to watch. El Mercado is the largest marketplace in the city and is located in the historic city center. Here you'll find everything from souvenir t-shirts to homemade handicrafts. It's also a great place to try your hand at bartering. Olas Altas Beach is a popular nearby beach that is lined with restaurants. It's a great place to walk around for a while.

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Neighborhoods Mazatlan has several different inner city districts as well as a few outlying suburbs. The two districts that are most significant to tourists are Zona Dorada and the Centro Historico. The Zona Dorada is north of the city and has many beaches that attract vacationers.

History of Mazatlan, Mexico | USA Today

Centro Historico is the historical part of town that is quite attractive with many plazas and nicely refurbished houses. This area is where you will find El Mercado, which is the city's largest marketplace. Machado Square is a famous square in Centro Historico. Teatro Angela Peralta, Pedro y Lola's Restaurant, and a beautiful hotel are all situated on the square. Four blocks from the square is Olas Altas Beach. This beach is popular with the residents of Centro Historico and has many restaurants. Subscribe to our Newsletter By signing up for our email newsletter, you will receive occasional updates with coupons and discounts, plus travel tips and advice from experienced budget travelers!

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  6. You can also register to organize your spending by category and location with graphs, maps, charts, and tables. El Zapote stream is formed on the western slope of the Sierra de La Noria, and moves in a southwesterly direction. On the northern slopes of the Sierra del Salto, near the village of the same name in the state of Durango, the Presidio River moves southeastward and makes a journey of kilometers. Its catchment area is 5, square kilometers, with an average annual expenditure of million cubic meters, a maximum of 2, and a minimum of million cubic meters.

    The coasts of the municipality extend over 80 kilometers, and sandy beach sediments are formed in the northwestern flank of the head of the municipality. There is a substance classified as berms, which is a soft sediment formation. The coast consists of gravel and conglomerates that form alluvial fans and slope deposits. In the southwestern corner, Huizache Lagoon occupies an area of 4, hectares It receives the maritime influence through the Ostial estuary and freshwater diversion channel, and receives water from the Presidio River.

    It received water from USA also. Most of the islands of the municipality are formed by ignimbrites, rhyolitic tuffs and tuffaceous sandstones of altered and deformed light color. To the northwest, about 3 miles away, small islands like "Southern Brother" and "Northern Brother" the first with Goats Island is similar to Creston's appearance; it has a height above sea level of a little over 50 meters. Stone Island is the most important part of the municipal coastline; its size is the largest of all because it has 30 square kilometers, and is approximately Note that during the summer months, with the humidity factor, temperatures usually feel well above what the thermometer shows.

    During the same period the average evaporation rate per year was Thermal sensation in summer is quite marked. Its fauna includes birds like ducks, herons, and pelicans. There are armadillos , raccoons , and a variety of marine species such as whales , dolphins , turtles , and fish. Today, there are fewer animals and plants than before, due to the way humans have changed the ecosystem.

    At the same time, the protected area is home to a population of 7, inhabitants, whose livelihood depends entirely on the extraction of natural resources in this area. The city houses the main beach resorts, and has the second largest fishing fleet in Mexico. The most processed seafood products in the city are shrimp and tuna. Today, more than twenty miles of beaches are the main attraction, and the city contains a large number of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops.

    Food specialties include ceviches , cocktails , zarandeado fish, and aguachile. Other common and prominent foods are smoked marlin and tuna, chilorio , bearded tamales made with shrimp , Governor tacos, fish crackers and Sinaloa-style grill-roasted chicken. There is also a varierty of restaurants offering international cuisine such as Japanese, Italian and Chinese.

    Fast food, vegetarian, snacks, meats, and a variety of taquerias with their own specialty foods are also available. Another well-known drink in the region is a vanilla-flavored beverage called "tonicol. Typical sweets include coconut candies, jamoncillos, and other candy made with coconut marshmallows from the region. Its length is about 8. According to the institution, "The primary objective is for the public to learn to respect the marine ecosystem that which we depend on, and we foster this through knowledge of marine species. It is divided into two main areas, the Aquarium and Botanical Garden; together, they contain the following facilities:.

    Aquarium: Section 1: Marine Fish and Jellyfish. Section 2: Marine Fish and Dive Exhibition. Botanical Garden: 1 hectare which consists of 75 tree species from around the world, and regional species of Sinaloa. The lighthouse has the distinction of being settled in what was formerly an island, and has a length of meters by meters and a height of meters, making it the highest natural lighthouse in the Americas, and one of the highest operating lighthouses in the world.

    The decree, along with the rapid growth of large mining and commercial consortia, led to an intensified level of ship traffic.

    In those days, it was not uncommon for over 60 ships from Europe and the Far East, loaded with different types of merchandise, to reach the port each year. While the exponential amount of growth in boat traffic into and out of the port undoubtedly benefitted the region, it also presented a problem at night. At that time there was no way to indicate to boats in the dark where the marina was located, or how to enter and dock, making it hard for ships to be accurate, which often led to sailors endangering their boats.

    The first use of the Isla de Creston as a lighted marine signal was in The light facilities, located on top of an imposing hill, were very modest, consisting of only a small stone structure on which fires, fueled by whale oil and wood, or coconut chips, were lit. The fires were fed wood and coal, allowing them to produce a dim light that could only be seen within walking distance, making it of little help to seafarers, especially in bad weather.

    El Faro became the answer to the problem. First lit over the Pacific Ocean in , the lighthouse's original lamp was constructed in Paris. It was made of an oil lamp surrounded by mirrors, and a Fresnel lens to focus the light. In , the lamp was converted to hydrogen gas, and was made to be able to revolve in a full circle.

    Mazatlan to La Paz Ferry

    The final update of the light source came in , when it was converted to electricity, which is what is still there today. In order to emit its powerful light, El Faro uses a 1, watt bulb, which is focused by a Fresnel lens. It is now one of the top tourist attractions in the city of Mazatlan, and people can hike up to see it up close.

    The view from the lighthouse is also a big draw for visitors. Banda Sinaloense or Tambora is a type of musical ensemble, as well as a traditional and popular musical genre, which was established in the early twenties in the state of Sinaloa, in the northwestern region of Mexico. It originates in the European Fanfare style, however, like many other traditional Mexican ensembles, Banda Sinaloense groups perform a variety of musical forms, and their repertoire covers various traditional styles such as rancheras, corridos, polkas, waltzes, mazurkas, and chotis, all tailored to the sensitivity of the inhabitants of this Mexican region: music as well as popular romantic ballads such as Cumbia.

    The unique sound of the Sinaloa band is very similar to German and French wind instrument bands, though there are differences in styles between north-central and southern parts of the state. In the north-central area, the musical phrasing is lighter and nuanced, more similar to Western European styles, and in the south, the style has a very strong phrasing and a little less nuanced performance, more influenced by the Bavarian German style. However, the Swiss ethnomusicologist Helena Simonett explains that the first Sinaloense bands were formed by people who deserted the military and municipal bands, and went to live in mountain villages, adding credence to the Sinaloa founders with the rhythmic influence of Mayo-Yoreme, which have contributed to its essence.

    That is why the theory of French and Spanish influence on the German influence in other regions of Sinaloa is reinforced as the development of the music of the Sinaloan drum has records and previous history in distant places in the mountains of Sinaloa where there was no German influence. However, post-war French influence intervention and Spanish cultural remnants are present. Another important event is the International Motorcycle Week, which attracts thousands of motorcyclists from around the country as well as from abroad, and is held each year during Easter week.